About us

  • Ford Specialist with over 20 years experience supplying Ford Parts Worldwide.
  • Both OE and Aftermarket quality parts available on most lines to suit any potential price objections.
  • Approximately 3000 different Ford line items available from stock at all times.
  • Ford Niche parts, Items not available through mainstream aftermarket suppliers.
  • Competitive Price File, including bulk purchase discounts.
  • Trained Departmental staff to answer any parts enquiries or technical issues.
  • Ford Microcat EPC.
  • Worldwide Deliveries by UPS.
  • Weekly special offers.
  • New product announcements.

Our Approach

All Hamtune parts are manufactured with the highest possible precision.
Pressing and stamping moulds are identical to those used for vehicle production, so the styling and dimensions of Hamtune replacement parts all match the original vehicle.
You can rest assured that all parts are perfect and easy to fit.

Original Equipment Spares are guaranteed to have been manufactured to the original specifications and production standards of the vehicle manufacturer.
They exactly match the quality and standards used for the assembly of the original vehicle.

Aftermarket Equipment Spares offer a great quality alternative to a Genuine / OES Part.
The manufacture and quality are guaranteed to ensure a suitable alternative to that of a genuine part at a fraction of the price.

Quality and precision are complemented by fast and reliable delivery.
Our large depot stocks an extensive selection of spare parts, and we are also linked electronically to our other depots.
Top quality parts at reasonable prices, that's what all Hamtune's customer expects.
So put your trust in high quality Hamtune parts.
You can get them at competitive prices, enabling you to produce quality services ensuring your customers are completely satisfied.
Hamtune replacement parts are something you can rely on!